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The Nut Store

SONG members who have their own nuts and nut products to sell may list them here for free. Customers who are interested in buying from these growers are encouraged to email, call or write to them.

Nut Tree Ontario, A Practical Guide

This is the 125 page SONG handbook. It was designed to inform growers about nut growing, including species and cultivars that are suited for various climate zones of Ontario and elsewhere. It covers basic information for the hobbyist as well as the commercial grower. It was written by Ernie Grimo, the founding President of SONG and owner of the Grimo Nut Nursery. His experience extends almost 50 years in nut growing.
The book is free to new SONG members who take out a 3 year membership. For non-members, the price is $24 in Canada and $29 for US customers including postage. For your copy, send a cheque to our Treasurer: Gordon Chinnick, 722 6th Concession Rd, Walsingham ON N0E 1X0.

THE NUT GOURMET presents a cookbook that stars nuts in delicious Appetizers, Spreads & Dips, Soups, Salads & Dressings, Main Dishes & Desserts.
Not just a snack but a high-protein, high-fiber nutritious addition to any diet. And nuts lower cholesterol, too!
Contact Zel Allen

We have both in-shell and shelled nut meats available all year. Harvest season is in the fall. New crop is available starting in early October.
Sorry, no nuts or nut meats can be shipped to the United States due to bioterrorism requirements of the FDA.
All current stock is listed on the website at under the "Nut Treats" tab and can be ordered there.
Phone: 905-YEH-NUTS (934-6887). Customers may pick up (call ahead) or have product mailed.


We have more customers than nuts! We pay top prices. CASH for fresh crop Persian walnuts, heartnuts, hazelnuts, and chestnuts.
Contact: Grimo Nut Nursery 905-YEH-NUTS (934-6887)
979 Lakeshore Rd, RR 3
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
L0S 1J0
Or contact us at:

I Need Your Nuts and Syrups

I gather, process, package, and market indigenous foods- everything from B.C. Red Huckleberries to Cloudberries from Labrador. Primarily I sell to restaurants and stores, however I am now selling some products over the internet through my website
Recently I have been able to find and market birch syrup, and despite it's price it has been selling. I now want to expand my range of products to include the various products that can be made from nut trees.
I would like to hear from any SONG members that can supply me with shelled nuts, nut oils, or nut tree syrups. In shelled nuts, I am particularly interested in beechnuts, butternuts, and hickory nuts but I am open to suggestions provided that the products are natural and unpolluted. I am also very interested in buying tree syrups from black walnut, butternut, and hickory trees.
At this point, I am interested even in small quantities so that I can test the market for future sales. If you think you can provide me with anything, call me toll-free at 1-877-354-WILD
Thank You,
Jonathan Forbes

Make payment out to SONG
and send to:
Gordon Chinnick - Treasurer
722 6th Concession Rd
Walsingham ON N0E 1X0


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