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WHEN: 1-4 pm Sunday 2 October
WHERE: Simon de Boer's Farm, 540 Wolfe St. RR#2 Teeswater ON 519-357-1919
FEATURING: 5 acres of organic Heartnuts. Simon also grows northern pecan and his persimmon produces fruit after SONG member, Bob Horvat gave him some scion wood and he was able to graft a female to his tree. He also grows ginkgo, black walnuts , English walnuts and has an original pair of grafted Hansen and Greenwood that Ernie Grimo hoped would cross and the seed would produce hardy trees. Paw paws should be ripening when we arrive for the fall meeting.
PLUS: a visit to the nut orchard of Victor Schmidt. He has a bearing pecan and a well manicured nut orchard, old English walnut trees, Snaps pecans and some heartnut trees growing in his well cared for orchard with irrigation. We will be provided with his address once we arrive at Simon's farm.
See everyone soon! SONG will have water and snacks for you to enjoy.

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